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bucky katt is me

I really like supernatural, super heroes, doctor who, and all of that kinda shit.


"It’s hard to imagine unstoppable energy stopped. - Meryl Streep


When you say “aggressive breed,” I’m assuming you mean “aggressively derpy.”


anonymous said:billy kaplan #1? :)

this took forever smhi’ll draw the rest tomorrow, gotta go to bed!


anonymous said:billy kaplan #1? :)

this took forever smh
i’ll draw the rest tomorrow, gotta go to bed!

7.26.14-Tampa, FL [x]

7.26.14-Tampa, FL [x]


so i decided to make a giveaway 


  • fall out boy vest
  • fall out boy t shirt
  • my chemical romance crew neck sweatshirt
  • twenty one pilots stay alive bracelet
  • twenty one pilots red t shirt
  • twenty one pilots red crew neck sweatshirt 
  • panic! at the disco white t shirt 
  • panic! at the disco black t shirt


  • must be following me (bycottlove) i will check
  • only reblogs count (you can like it but it wont count)
  • no giveaway blogs (i will check)
  • optional: if you want an extra entry you can follow my instagram
  • you can reblog as many times as you want but please do not spam your followers
  • i will ship worldwide 
  • the items can be any size that you want
  • this ends on october 1st
  • if the winner doesnt want any of these items i will choose another person and give that person those items
  • i will choose the winner randomly using a website 
  • i guess that’s it

good luck!


I would just love for someone to explain to me how exactly people can claim Panic! At The Disco as their favorite band but literally despise everything about Brendon Urie. How have you managed to listen to the band for so long if he’s “the worst human alive” and “has zero talent”? Has zero talent. Has. Zero. Talent. Leave my planet if you honestly believe that man is not talented. Or stop lying to yourself and admit the truth: Brendon Urie is a talented dude.

Chris Evans laughing + left boob